Ceramic Paint Protection Perth

Preserve beauty and peace of mind with System-X car ceramic coating.

Your pride and joy, our life’s work.

When you choose System-X you’re saying yes to jaw-dropping knock-out shine, with a depth of colour and liquid finish.

System-X is a high-gloss, nanotech ceramic glass coating that bonds to your paintwork’s microscopic pores,

giving you a head-turning shine.

This aircraft grade product offers protection coatings for paintwork, wheels, glass and interior protection.

If you’re serious about preserving your vehicle, then System-X and Whitworth’s are the best solution for long-lasting results.

Additional Protections Services

Protects from micro-scratches as well as being super hydrophobic. This means that water runs off the glass easier, keeping your glass cleaner and clearer for longer.

Super hydrophobic coating based on advanced nanotechnology to protect interior surfaces like fabric, carpet, leather and vinyl. Stains and spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily.

Why not get the complete car care package and finish with our tinting service? With the darkest legal tint and a 10 year warranty you are ready for the road.

Made from super strong nylon, the AlloyGator is fitted securely between the alloy wheel and tyre. Protecting against gutter scrapes and pothole damage.

Customer Appreciation…

“I will be a customer for life”

“Lee did a superb ceramic coating on my vehicle. Tremendously impressed and will recommend highly with all my friends. I will be a customer for life. Thanks Lee.”

Howard, Google

“The results are a testament as to how passionate he is about what he does.”

“Went to Lee to get a ceramic paint protection for my 2018 Land Rover Discovery. Great responsive and top service and the results are a testament as to how passionate he is about what he does. Car looks better than when I got it new. Great to see someone taking pride in providing an efficient and attentive service. Definately recommend.”

Adam, Google

“So glad I didn’t pay the ridiculous price the car dealership wanted for paint protection”

“Fabulous job done by Lee. I trusted my brand new Jaguar SUV with him and he did not disappoint! The car looks amazing and he and his wife are a pleasure to deal with. So glad I didn’t pay the ridiculous price the car dealership wanted for paint protection. Will always come here from now on. Highly recommend this business.”

Tiffany, Google

“The results are amazing.. even better than the day I bought it from the dealer”

“I had paint protection applied to my new Honda Civic and the results are amazing! The car came out looking so glossy and spotless, even better than the day I bought it from the dealer. For such good results he gave such a good price compared to how much dealers charge.

Lee was professional, punctual and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him.”

Jean, Google

“Thanks again! Beyond happy.”

“Got my black Mustang done by Lee. My clear coat was in terrible shape when I left it with him. I had the two stage paint correction with the ceramic coating done and my car seriously looks brand new! The black has such a mirror finish to it and the ceramic coat has made washing a black car a real breeze! I’d seriously recommend Lee to anyone looking for this kind of service. Thanks again! Beyond happy.

Torin, Google

Ceramic Paint Protection – FAQs

Paint protection is a broad term used to describe something that is applied to a vehicles paintwork to prolong its health and appearance.

This can range from waxes to sealants to coatings. System-X is a ceramic coating, Graphene Pro is a graphene coating while Toughseal is an acrylic sealant. These act as a protective barrier over the paint/clear coat against UV rays, road contamination, insect acids, bird droppings, micro-washing scratches and prolongs the life of the car’s paint.

All our paint protection products will also enhance gloss and improve colour depth and make washing the car much easier.

“Nano” simply refers to the microscopic layer that is being bonded to your car’s paint at a nanite (microscopic) level.

And this is exactly what an acrylic/ceramic coating does. Coating the car adding a superficial layer of protection to the paint.

The ceramic coating’s job is to add a superficial layer to your car’s paintwork. Protecting it against the environment and safeguarding the paint underneath.

Let’s go through what it protects against:

  • U.V protection – acts as a sunscreen and prevents fading
  • Bird droppings – stops droppings from burning through your paint, although we do advise getting this off your paint asap as it is highly acidic and will eventually burn through ANY paint protection
  • Insect splatter
  • Spray can graffiti
  • Micro-scratching from washing your car

The paint preparation process is a critical step in the ceramic coating process.

This will ensure the paint protection bonds properly with the paint and ensures the longevity of the product.

If there is dirt, contamination or anything between the paintwork and the coating it can compromise its quality.

So what do we do to your car?

Step 1 – The vehicle is fully inspected for any damage prior to any work being undertaken. The car is then given a scratch-free soft wash using a pH neutral snow foam cleanser and shampoo and is then dried ready for the paint to be decontaminated.

Step 2 – Multi-stage decontamination. This is where the car will be the cleanest in its life since being built. This stage includes a citric acid wash to remove light contaminants such as insect splatter and road tar. The paintwork will now be completely clean except for iron deposits from rail dust, brake dust or construction work. This needs to be removed by a chemical decontamination process and an intensive machined clay barring technique. The car is then given a final soft wash and dried making the paintwork as smooth as a baby’s bum ready for its gloss enhancing polish.

Step 3 – High-gloss polish. Before we polish the whole car to a candy-coat shine we walk around the car and spot polish out any isolated scratches we can find (if the car is completely covered in swirls/scratches the paintwork would require our Two-Stage Paint Correction). We now lightly polish the entire vehicle with a gloss enhancing compound to refine the paintwork which makes even brand new cars shinier than the day it was picked up from the dealer.

Step 4 – The acrylic/ceramic coating is applied. Before we coat the vehicle we give the car an alcohol wash to make the paintwork as “raw” as possible allowing the coating to bond directly into the paintwork’s pores. A specialist technique is required to ensure a perfect streak-free finish – After all, System-X does set hard to a ceramic quartz glass!

Step 5 – Curing overnight. The car is left in our studio to cure overnight in a controlled environment. The technology is such with System-X that heat lamps are not required during the curing process. If the vehicle is coated with Toughseal and it’s not raining then the car can be picked up on the same day

Step 6 – After curing a final gloss polish is conducted to ensure a perfect finish of the car ceramic coating and a thorough final inspection is carried out before a professional photo and video shoot of your car is performed in our studio.

Step 7 – Handover. This is where jaws drop when customers see their car for the first time. Following this I explain the process undertaken on their car and I’ll inform you on how to best maintain your vehicle into the future.

There are many advantages of paint protection:

  • Makes your car easier to clean, super slick coating stops dirt from embedding in the paint and makes it easier to come off
  • Creates a permanent glossy candy-coat, show-car finish… which is permanent
  • No need to polish or wax your car ever again
  • Waxing and washing with any shampoo will not void warranty
  • Exceptionally hydrophobic. Water will bead off paintwork like a lilly pad

Vehicle protection prices can vary between vehicles and because of this if we stated every price it would just become too confusing for the consumer.

Prices depends on a few things:

  • What type of paint protection you are choosing (Acrylic/Ceramic/Graphene)
  • The size of the vehicle you have (a two-door hatch would be cheaper than a pick-up truck)
  • The paint’s condition, most used cars and even some brand new black cars require a scratch and swirl removal service prior to coating.
  • If you would like interior protection
  • If you would like glass protection
  • If you would like window tinting
  • If you would like alloy wheel/kerb protection

So, as you can see its best to give our Master Polisher, Lee Whitworth, a call on 0404 010 956 to get a tailored quote to suit your car’s needs.

Yes, definitely. Paint protection can help prolong the life of your car’s paint in many ways. To name a few:

  • UV protection – Australia’s harsh sun is unforgiving on a car’s paint and can lead to fading if it is unprotected
  • Scratch resistance. When you wash your car you can be covering it in micro scratches. Paint protection helps add a barrier to prevent this scratching from damaging the paintwork. Professional polishing can easily remove these scratches or ‘spider webbing’.
  • Road contamination when you are driving around can adhere to the car’s paintwork and be difficult to remove with a bucket and sponge. The paint protection will help to add a barrier against this contamination. 
  • Non-stick properties of paint protection. Our paint protection is super slick making the car far easier to clean. After rain, our work vehicle looks like it’s just been freshly polished.
  • Paint protection adds a mirror gloss finish and colour enhancement. This is always worth it!
  • You will never need to wax or polish your car ever again.
  • Your car will always look brand new!

The first thing to show age on a car is its paintwork so it’s well worth the investment to protect it. Paint protection will also enable you to salvage the best possible resale value of the car in the future if the paint has been well looked after. 

Whitworth’s Automotive Polishing are second generation in car restoration. We have 30+ years in paint restoration – it’s all we do.

We have over 150 five star Google reviews – that’s a lot of happy customers.

Multi-award winning service. In 2019 we won the Customer Service Award of Excellence. This was our fourth consecutive award won. Others included: New Business of the Year, Micro Business of the Year and Judges Award.

Other benefits of choosing us for car paint protection:

  • Complimentary uber lift home (*System-X service only and within 30km’s of Hillarys)
  • Complimentary pick up from Whitfords/Greenwood train station
  • W.A’s head centre for U.S.A’s System-X ceramic coatings Perth
  • Highest 5 star review rating in Perth for ceramic coatings
  • Dedicated paint correction and paint protection Perth specialist
  • State of art polishing studio for optimum professional results
  • Fully insured
  • The person you speak to (Lee Whitworth) is the person working on your car
  • Free inspections/appraisals
  • Window glass coating also available
  • Interior protection also available
  • Two-stage paint correction also available
  • Window tinting, glass protection, interior protection and alloy wheel/kerb protection also available
  • Professional car care products available

System-X was initially designed for heavy duty requirements to endure extreme environments such as protecting aircraft, marine vessels and emergency vehicles.

As we are a paint protection specialist we can literally procure any ceramic on the market. However due to our high standards we did not want to provide a mediocre product that only lasts a few years and risk having warranty returns. We wanted the best and toughest ceramic coating on the market to protect our customers cars with. System-X America actually approached us to be their head dealer here in Western Australia due to our high standards, our business awards and our experience. We tried their products and were blown away by the product.

So, because of the longevity of System-X and its extreme protection qualities we have been sourced to apply System-X to boats, trucks, motorbikes, fire trucks, tractors, generators, ride-on lawnmowers and other horticultural, agricultural, construction and mining equipment.

If System-X is good enough for these types of applications then it will provide more than enough protection for your car.

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You can always give our Master Polisher, Lee Whitworth a call – 0404 010 956.