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Acrylic Paint Protection

Coat your car in Teflon!

It isn’t called ‘Toughseal’ for nothing..

Say goodbye to waxing your car ever again.. no, seriously.

Toughseal is an acrylic – P.T.F.E based sealant (commonly known as Teflon, which is a by-product from DuPont). 

Packing a head-turning shine – this long-lasting coating has it all – it’s an extremely water-resistant glaze protecting against U.V. rays, fading and environmental contamination.

System-X Diamond “SS” (Super Slick)

Pre-treatment – Step One

The first stage is a cleaning, polishing, and bonding technique.  This cleansing compound removes all foreign matter from the paint’s surface, leaving the paintwork freshly exposed ready for step two. 

Paint sealant – Step Two

The second stage is an ultra-durable sealant. This adds an extra armour over the paintwork – creating a high-gloss shine and durable protection. 

Advantages of Toughseal:

  • U.V. protection
  • Prevents fading
  • Long-lasting
  • No need to wax ever again
  • Extreme water repellency
  • Makes washing easier
  • New car 100,000km warranty 
  • Car care pack included

Advantages of System-X Glass


Trusted paintwork protection

Prevent damage caused by U.V fading, insect splatter and road contamination.


Maintain your car’s resale value

In Australia’s harsh environment it’s always a smart choice to paint protect your vehicle. Keeping your car’s paint looking great for years to come


Coat your car in a glossy shield

Our professional polishing techniques will refine the paint to a candy-coated gloss. The paint will then be ‘locked in’ with your new Toughseal paint protection. 


Toughseal 100,000km Warranty

When applied by a Professional Approved Applicator Toughseal comes with a 100,000km new car warranty. 

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